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Artist Statement

Hide and Seek

The happy laughter of the little buddies couldn’t be found any more at play, but it is kept in the depths of my memory. The passing time cannot be called back again. The sounds sometimes jumped out of my mind. I had run back to the old house several times where my grandparent, my mom, and I lived. I tried to find some tracks related to my memory, maybe a sign which we marked in childhood. However, nothing was ever there. Although there was the same place, the windows were printed in new colors by someone. The trees, the doors were changed, even they reinforced the arcade-house next to our gate in the lane.

I am be awakened from the dream. I realize the scenes like the photos are gray, but the moods are abundantly colorful because of the memory. It's still there, and I can call it back anytime. It never disappears as time goes on.

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