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Artist Statement


Out of Siege 

People who are under siege constantly want to break out of it; and the others who are outside want to be besieged. Those who do break out find themselves in another state of siege; those who enter find themselves more entrenched. How and why do we always find ourselves trapped? We encounter inexplicable confusions in daily life, and they come and go endlessly. Was being out just another cycle?


These photos, being primarily gray, not just black and white, allow people to recognize after a while that they still have color. The color is a source of hidden hope and the subtle gray implies uncertainty. I only know that when the timing is right, all the choices will be appropriate. Although I will face extra hard fights, I also will be receiving vibrant surprises and a mysterious future.


This photo series indicates a period where I was puzzled and beleaguered. It also is a relic of my painting from fourteen years old to twenty-four years old.

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