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Artist Statement

The Scenes

The difference between reality and dreams is just a thread of line;

There are many beautiful things/scenes around you waiting to be discovered.

If we can calm down,

The beauty will be everywhere.

This is an urban exploration image recording project that has lasted for 10 years and has accumulated nearly 3200 photos.


Pursuing and capturing the zone/status between reality and dreams is what I want to express. The inspiration comes from the fact that the same illusory yet real scene appears from time to time in my dreams, and the familiar fragments keep appearing. The thoughts after waking up from the dreaming that accumulated a kind of creative motivation, I decided to try to express it through photographs.


Every time I see a scene I want to shoot intentionally or unintentionally, this real/physical experience and the phantom in my dream emerge unconsciously. I always feel that this "scene" exists independently of the surrounding environment. Holding the camera, and looking through the viewfinder, I can feel that the scenes seem to be created for me or for those who know how to appreciate them. Just like the carefully arranged scenery in the movies; like the imaginary world behind the theater curtain; like the dreams that are fragmented, but exist.

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